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Genuine Haarlem Oil LogoGiven how important it is to protect our horse’s health and well-being, makers of Genuine Haarlem Oil or G.H.O as the no. 1 horse health brand did not only take the chance on targeting this product to humans alone, but to horses as well. Throughout the years, G.HO has been continuously providing the best health care to horses by giving remedy to different kinds of horse diseases and at the same a supplement to maintain your horse’s wellness.

What makes the horse health brand: genuine haarlem oil on top of other brands?

This product is a laboratory combination of three natural ingredients which are linseed oil, sulfur and turpentine essential oils. However, the wonder of haarlem oil lies in the way the three ingredients are combined. They are not mixed in any typical methods. In that way, the product becomes unique by its capacity to be absorbed immediately by the horse’s body, while still being efficiently eliminated when its job is done.

Also, Haarlem Oil stimulates hormonal secretions, antehypophysis glands, and adrenal cortex which increase self defense against health hazards that your horse needs. Indeed, nothing really beats a safe and healthy horse under any circumstance that may arise in your area.

Aside from it having the best composition which makes it reliable, experts made extra sure that G.H.O is proven to be safe and effective for horses. This was done through the experiment done on February and April 1981 on a number of saddle horses.

Results yielded that out of 17 horses, 15 young horses did not have any difficulty in taking 10 cc of G.H.O blended with about 6 liters of oats, and fat barley. The treatment did not cause any appetence disorder.

The best tip in taking care of your horse’s health:

Aside from providing your horse with the no.1 horses health brand, G.H.O, also make sure to kick start your resolutions by spending more time with your beloved horse. You can even browse for healthy food, training, grooming and exercise options which will collaborate with haarlem oil as it brings the best horse health effects.
G.H.O doesn’t provide a temporary solution to your horse health dilemma. Instead, it provides a secured and long-term answer to different horse health problems and surely, this is what every veterinarian and horse enthusiasts are looking for. Undoubtedly, this no.1 horse health brand, Genuine Haarlem Oil is your one and only savior in fighting against the possibility of losing your horses due to health problems.

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