Haarlem Oil as a cure to various diseases | #1 Best Haarlem Oil for Horses

It gives a versatile solution to the horse’s different diseases. Using the product leads to positive results with its polyvalent treatment. Say for example, your horse suffers from intestinal, arthritic or bronchial infections, the horse shall be given 10 ml doses of Genuine Haarlem Oil over eight consecutive days, and 10mL every second day for the following two weeks. After ten days, pause, but repeat if necessary.

Haarlem Oil For Special Horses

  • Genuine Haarlem Oil is recommended for your horse’s health and fitness.
  • Harlem Oil has a particular smell and characteristic taste, we know by experience that horses feel attracted by both of them.
  • Stimulate, naturally and without side effect, the horse’s own hormone secretions in the Antehypophyse and Corticosurrenal glands.
  • Assist rapid recovery by the animal after strenuous effort. Haarlem oil has a general de-tiring effect on horses in competition.


GENUINE HAARLEM OIL HISTORY: The bio-available SULFUR used since 1696

The existence of this medicine dates from 17th century in Haarlem Holland, which was the center of Eastern European Alchemy at that time. It was invented by Claes Tilly and Hermann Boerhave, professor at the University of Medecin of Leyde.