Benefits of
Genuine Haarlem Oil

Genuine Haarlem oil for horses is a combination of three natural ingredients: sulfur, linseed oil and essential oils of turpentine – but the secret lies in the “cooking” of these ingredients, and it cannot be duplicated because they are not mixed or blended in any conventional fashion.

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Haarlem Oil contains bioavailable sulfur

Genuine Haarlem Oil HorsesDue to this process of manufacture, Genuine Haarlem oil is unique in its ability to diffuse rapidly through the animal, while still being effectively eliminated when its job is done. The horse body, like human beings, has its own self defense against diseases and Genuine Haarlem Oil stimulate hormonal secretions, anti hypophysis glands, and adrenal cortex which increase that precious self defense.

The Genesis of Haarlem Oil dates from the XVII century in Haarlem, Holland – which was at that time the centre of Eastern European Alchemy. Haarlem Oil is composed of three simple elements inside a 200mg capsule:

  • Sulfur 16%
  • Pine turpentine 80%
  • Linseed oil 4%

This combination creates a particular bioavailability of its basic components which express the “quintessence” of their respective virtues. The Sulfur contributes to the cell’s health and the communication between cells, including the nerve cells. It helps with the carbohydrate metabolism through insulin. It can protect the cells against damage from radiation through its antioxidant capability. Currently Haarlem Oil is being use in France for more than 80 years under medical control.

Best Genuine Haarlem Oil for your Special Horse: A Polyvalent Treatment

Genuine Haarlem oil gives the special horse industry a versatile, polyvalent treatment for the cure and prevention of illness. Using Haarlem oil, you’ll see amazing results:

  • Stimulate hepatic and biliary functions and act against stones.
  • Improve the urinary system and toxin elimination; Genuine Haarlem oil for Horses is a marvelous drainer.
  • Guarantee against intestinal and respiratory infections.
  • Guard against the proliferation of intestinal parasites and eliminate them. Intestinal parasites are a major cause of colic.
  • Fight arthritic manifestations and contribute to their final cure.
  • Assist rapid recovery by the animal after strenuous effort. Genuine Haarlem oil for Horses has a general de-tiring effect on horses in competition.
  • Stimulated, naturally and without side effects, the special horses own hormone secretions in the Ante Hypophyse and Cortico Suprarenal glands.

Genuine Haarlem Oil best for:

–  Greatly improves the urinary system and removes most toxins in the horse’s system.
–  Genuine Haarlem oil for horses guarantees against infections, such as respiratory, urinary, biliary, and intestinal.
–  Naturally stimulates the horse’s own hormone secretions without side effects.
–  Helps assist the rapid recovery process after the horse competes.
–  Fights any and all arthritic actions.