Haarlem Oil For Special Horses

Genuine Haarlem Oil 

Genuine Haarlem Oil for special horses is a famous product used throughout the world by trainers, vets, stud farms managers, and all those who care about health and performance of their horses.

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Genuine Haarlem Oil for Special Horses

How does Haarlem Oil help you to protect your special horses’ health?

Genuine Haarlem oil for special horses is a combination of three natural ingredients: sulfur, linseed oil and essential oils of turpentine – but the secret lies in the “cooking” of these ingredients, and it cannot be duplicated because they are not mixed or blended in any conventional fashion. Due to this process of manufacture, Genuine Haarlem Oil For Special Horses is unique in its ability to diffuse rapidly through the animal, while still being effectively eliminated when its job is done.

Haarlem Oil For Special Horses

Best Treatment: Benefits of Genuine Haarlem Oil for Special Horses

To treat intestinal, arthritic or bronchial troubles or infections, give to your horse 10 ml doses of  Genuine Haarlem Oil over eight consecutive days, then 10ml every second day for the following two weeks, after ten days pause, repeat if necessary. Although, Benefits of Genuine Haarlem Oil has a particular characteristic smell, experiments and our experience using Genuine Haarlem Oil has proven that horses love the flavor of this product and will even search it out in their food.   Direction for use

History of Haarlem Oil for Horses

The History of Haarlem Oil dates back to the 18th century and its history is connected to the Dutch alchemy.

Claas Tilly is known for elaborating his Medicamentum Gratia Probatum during the year 1696.  As Claas Tilly had been honored for the composition of the remedy known to cure kidney and bladder illnesses, he owed his success to Professor Hermann Boerhave, who added the point of detail in the production.

Experimentation of Haarlem Oil on horses appetite at Vauptain Stud farm

The experiment was done in February and April 1981 on a number of saddle horses, race horses at Vauptain in Buc (Yvelines) 

A 200 ml bottle Haarlem Oil for Horses (20 doses of 10 ml).

This presentation is sold today from 21,90 € for an order of 24 bottles (package of 2 and 8 bottles also available); so for a 10ml dose you pay less than 1,10 € ! Haarlem oil is probably cheaper than the feed additives you are using now and is the only one you need.